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47321 Bruce Highway
Iveragh QLD 4680

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we bring our own food?

We provide the highest quality, holistic dog meals to ensure your pets nutritional needs are met. You are welcome to bring your own, if your pet has specific dietary needs that should be maintained.


Are we required to bring our own bedding?

We supply bedding and some extra comfort for the cold nights. Small beds, Toys, coats, rugs etc may be brought along for your pet’s comfort. Small rugs with that special scent which reminds them of the comforts of home often provide some comfort during the initial settling in the phase of their stay and this is generally welcomed. However, during peak times this may be limited so please feel free to call and discuss prior to arrival.


Do pets socialise?

Cats: We have a lovely play area for cats enjoyment where they can socialise with their new friends or they can watch from the comfort of their rooms.

Dogs: We have a large grassed play area for small dogs to run around in where they can mix with some compatible friends of their own size. The larger dogs have their own separate grassed area where they can roam free under shady trees and run up and down the fence line to talk to their new friends. Each area has a collection of toys to choose from.


Do we administer medications?

All dogs and cats which require medication are catered for including diabetic pets, details will be provided upon arrival at the resort.

Gladstone Pet Resort



47321 Bruce Hwy
Iveragh QLD 4680

4974 4173